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April 26, 2016

Hmm must have lost a few years of posts! Where did they go?   A LOT has happened!

Anyway, I’m starting to think about this summer’s workshops in Winter Harbor, Maine, and, frankly, I can’t wait to be in Maine again.











photo copyright Diana Quinn


May 6, 2012

Getting ready for Artomatic 2012.  I have two walls and I think I have way too many paintings! Oh well, it’s fun.  Here’s a photo of what my space looked like yesterday, before Mike and I started hanging:

One challenge: to cover those wooden boards! The fabric and padding have been cut, leaving those boards underneath.  Under the rest of the padding is drywall.  We’re going to use an electric screwdriver to put in the screws.

I’ve decided what to do with the door on the other wall:  I’ve gotten some foam air conditioner insulation and I’m going to put it along the door frame, put some lights behind it and then cover it with encausticized paper strips.

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  1. Well so you have finally got this website up and running!! YAY looks great!

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