Welcome to the world of encaustic painting, as seen from two opposite ends of the globe.  Your hosts are Diana Quinn, from Washington, D.C., and   Mo Godbeer in Mt. Colah, Australia.

We’re here to teach ourselves more about encaustic painting, try out new and innovative techniques and methods, and explore this exciting medium with other artists.  We will offer tutorials, tips, and share our results.  No matter if you are just starting out or are an experienced studio artist — there’s something here for everyone.


Mo and I are going to post some tutorials on how to get started with encaustic including materials and studio space.  We’ll also show you the basics as well as some of our favorite techniques, including image transfer, working with tissue pape and collage.

Mo works and teaches in Australia, and DQ works and teaches in Washington, D.C., so you should be able to visit at least one of us at some point in the timeline of your life!

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